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Doppelganger - Info

    The Doppelganger is a unique event where elemental creatures are spawn. In order to get your prizes must resist during the countdown killing the different waves of monsters and bosses.To finish this event you must be equipped with a pentagram , and try to stop the doppelganger for reaching your base.The entrance is through NPC Lugard , in  Event Square  . The maximum number of players is 20 and the event lasts for 10 minutes (Entry every 1 hour) . You are disqualified if 3 monsters reach your barrier. After the event is over (completed or failed) you must wait an additional minutes in order to enter again.



The items needed

Item Name 
Sign of Dimensions x 5
Mirror of Dimensions x 1


In order to enter through NPC Lugard , in  Event Square  you must collect 5 Sign of Dimensionsfrom Blood Castle Event. After you collect the items , they will transform in Mirror of Dimensions.


Regular Rewards


Stage I Reward
All Kind Of Bundled Jeweles
All Pink Excelent Items (2 options)
Gold Coin Item (50)
Gold Coin Item (100)


Stage II Reward
All Kind Of Seeds Sphere
Gold Coin Item(500)


Stage III Reward
Horn Of Fenrir (Gold)
Wings Of Angel and Devil
Gold Coin Item (1000)


   You recieve stage 1 reward after you collect the chests from the ground (by killing the mobs). [50% Chance]

   You recieve stage 2 reward when you finish the event (Survive for 10 minutes).

   You recieve stage 3 reward when you Kill the IceWalkers (Spawn 6 minutes after start) . [30% Chance]


Posted 05 / 04 / 2017

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