[Guide] Arca War Event


To register in the event:
First, You must register through NPC "Sir Lesnar"
Located at Lorencia (114,132)
Noria (183,126) and Devias (240,53)

Right after clicking him this will appear.

1.) Information about the event.
2.) Registration for Guild masters only.
3.) Registration for guild members
4.) Where you can exchange your acquired trophies.
5.) Where you can access the event when it started.
6.) You can view here the guild members that have already registered.
7.) GM, AGM and BM can register Sign of Lords, you must register high number of Sign of Lords to be included in top 6.
8.) Where you can check the number of Sign of Lords you have entered.

The Registration of Sign of Lords is one at a time.
Guild Master can drop Sign of Lords before Event Starts
Just click number 7.
This will appear and the number of Sign of Lords that can only be registered is 255/255
You have to register Sign of Lords 255/255 one at a time until you have reached your goal.

There is a given time for registration.

The Guild Master will be the one who register first
Guild Master Registration time is 8:00 - 8:10PM GMT+8
Registration for Guilds Master is open for only 10 Minutes
After the Guild Master registered his Guild
The Members should register also for their own
Guild Member Registration time is 8:10 - 8:20PM GMT+8
Registration for Guilds Members is open for only 10 Minutes
8:20 - 8:23PM GMT+8 Notice of Entry Guilds
8:23 - 8:28PM GMT+8 Waiting in Safe Zone
8:28 - 8:58PM Battle Time
A GC will remind everyone that the ARCA WAR is open for registration.
10 minutes is given to every Guild Master who belongs to the TOP 6 Guilds.
Likewise, 10 minutes is also given to the Guild Members.

Once you have successfully registered your Guild this will show.

You can enter the map by clicking number 5. It will automatically direct you to Acheron map.

1. yellow text will notify you if the Arca war has started or ended.
2. you can find your location here. If you click the guild member status you can also view their locations.
3. you can check here if what obelisk is already found and captured or not.

Rules of Arca War:

(1)Entrance to the field of Arca War
- Unlike the entrance to Acheron, Spirit Map is not necessary.
(2) Display of enemy guilds- Red mark is attached to the members of enemy guilds.
(3) Way to attack the enemies- You can attack through mouse right button.- You can not attack your allies.
(4) Menu Lock- In Arca War, using menu functions between characters are restricted.
(5) Personal Store Off- In Arca War, using personal store is restricted.- If the Personal Store was open before the participation of Arca War, it will be closed automatically.
(6) Movement restrictions- In Arca War, warp function can not be used.
(7) Transportation to Arca War- if you are unintentionally moved to another map, you can enter Arca War from NPC "Sir Lesnar" again.
(8) Guild function restrictions
- Guild related functions are not available during Arca War.
(9) Death Penalty

-Once you have died you will be punished with this buff, it will slow down your movement and add time on your re spawning minutes.

Rules of Arca War:
(1) Generation of Obelisk- Obelisks and guardians appear in Acheron when Arca War gets started.
(2) Guardians of Obelisk- 10 boss mosters randomly appear near the obelisks in Acheron.- The killed monster are reborn after 10 minutes.
(3) Types of Obelisks- Each obelisk has their own element type (Darkness, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth)- The elements of the obelisks are generated at random.

How Arca War works?

There are 5 Obelisk will be appear together with the Guardians when the war is started
The Obelisk has their own elements
In order to win the Arca War
Your Guild must take the Obelisk
In order to take the Obelisk
You must disable first the Protective Barriers

How to disable Protective Barriers?

Guild Members need to stand at the Barriers simultaneously
When the 3 Guild Members already stand on the 3 Barriers
The Protective Barriers will be disabled.

Who ever Guilds succeeded to posses or take the obelisk will win the Arca War!

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Posted 28 / 03 / 2017

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