[Guide] Elemental System

Key Terms you need to know before proceeding:

  • Elemental System - is a new system which can make users get over the gap between high level users and low level users through opposite elements. The character must be equipped by a “Pentagram” in order to enjoy this wonderful new system. There are a total of 15 different pentagrams, 5 basic pentagrams and 10 ancient pentagrams.
  • Pentagram – Pentagrams are special artifacts that enchant a character with elemental power. A pentagram may be Basic or Ancient. It has 5 slots for each different kind of “Errtel”
  • Errtel - Errtels are special artifacts that can be placed into Pentagrams. By adding this item to a pentagram, you will reinforce the stats of the pentagram with its additional options. There are five different kinds of errtel, all of which can be used to reinforce a pentagram. Each errtel can be enhanced in 2 different ways, rank and level (option). An errtel has 5 ranks. Each rank has 10 levels (options). In order for an errtel to be enhanced to the next rank, an errtel has to be enhanced to a +7 or higher level.
  • Acheron – Special map where you can upgrade and combine elemental items.

Acheron Map Basics

Captain Slope
- Location: Noria (170, 109)

To enter Acheron, you have to possess "Spirit Map" and talk to the NPC "Captain Slope" who is located in Noria (170, 109) and give him 1 Spirit Map each time you wish to enter Acheron.

Creation of “Spirit Map”

  • "Spirit Map Fragments" can be dropped by hunted monsters.
  • “1 Spirit Map is automatically created by collecting 5 Spirit Map Fragments.

Map “Acheron”

  • Upon entering Acheron, you will be warped to the Acheron village (Safe zone) and there are 2 gateways to hunting areas.
  • 2 hunting areas are updated first and rest of areas will be open in subsequent updates.
  • If you die in Acheron, you will be transferred to the Acheron village (Safe zone).
  • If you are accidentally logged out of game, you will be transferred to Acheron village (Safe zone).
  • 30% additional experience is gained in Acheron

Pentagrams and Elements in PVP

There are five elemental types of pentagrams: fire, water, earth, wind, and darkness
When a character not equipped with pentagram items is attacked, the character would be assorted as none element. In PVP, elemental damage is increased by 30%. You will see how much elemental damage your character has because it has a very distinctive color damage depending on the element of your pentagram.

  • Fire - Red
  • Water - Blue
  • Earth - Brown
  • Wind - Green
  • Darkness - Dark Purple


Table of Inherited Elements (Weakest to Strongest Element) 

Where can I get Pentagrams? 
Aside from buying Pentagrams in our webshop, Pentagram Items can be dropped from elemental monsters in Acheron and boss monsters.

Mini-boss monsters: 

  • Kundun
  • Erohim
  • Selupan
  • Gorgon
  • Balrog
  • Hydra
  • Hellmaine
  • Phoenix of Darkness
  • Archeron monsters
  • Protector of Archeron minigame

Different Pentagrams:
-Basic Pentagrams

-Ancient Pentagrams - To activate the pentagram's ancient additional options, the pentagram must be enchanted with the required errtel.

Pentagram Item Upgrade

- The Pentagram can be upgraded up to +1 - +9 (+10 - +15 from Chaos Machine NPC.)

Errtels - Errtels are special artifacts that can be combined with pentagrams to add additional options! There are four different types of errtel: Anger, Blessing, Integrity, and Divinity. These items can only be created via NPC Adniel the Elemental Master found in the Acheron Map.

Element Master NPC Adriel

  • Combination of Errtel, Errtel Upgrade
  • NPC Location: Acheron 36, 216

Applying Errtels to a Pentagram

A pentagram's interface can be opened by holding the [Alt] key and Right-clicking the pentagram. Note that you can only do this if the pentagram is not equipped. Inside the menu, you can apply errtel and check your pentagram's information. Simply place any errtel you wish to add to the pentagram in the corresponding socket.

There is a 50% chance of breaking an errtel if you try to remove it from a pentagram.

Creating Errtels

To create an Errtel You need the following:

  • Mithril (any kind)
  • Elixir
  • Jewel of Bless
  • 100,000 Zen + Tax

-MITHRIL - The combination of materials determines the element of Errtel. The Mithril Fragment can be obtained from elemental monsters in Acheron.

ELIXIR - Elixir Fragment / Elixir. The Elixir is used as a container of Mithril. The Elixir Fragment can be obtained from elemental monsters in Acheron.

Types of Errtels

(Darkness, Water, Wind, Fire, Earth)

Upgrading Errtels 
Each errtel can be upgraded in two different ways. 

Firstly, its base level can be upgraded up to +10. Upgrading the base level will increase the greatness of the item's options. 

Secondly, once an errtel reaches at least +7, you can attempt to upgrade its rank. By upgrading the rank successfully, an additional option will be added to the errtel! The option that is unlocked is applied randomly. All errtel can be upgraded to rank 5. 

Errtel Level Up 

  • Errtel can be upgraded to +10
  • To upgrade Errtel, you need to go to NPC "Adniel".
  • If the Item Combination fails, it will disappear


Upgrade Rank up Errtel 

  • Upgrade Rank Up to add element of Errtel
  • It can be upgraded up to 5 ranks and an option will be added each rank up
  • If it is succeeded to upgrade, it is changed as higher rank of Errtel and the level of Errtel will be +0


Elemental Talisman of Chaos – Use this like the Talisman of Chaos Assembly (TOCA). If the rank or level up of an elemental item fails, you will not lose your item.

Posted 28 / 03 / 2017

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