[Guide] How to Marry in Game

- Wedding can be done at Devias2, Castle.
- The couple must be at co-ordinates around 14 26 (doesn't have to be specific) just Female and Male characters must be next to each other (male right and female left side)
- Male character must type command: /marry CharName
- Female can accept by typing /acceptmarry or refuse by /cancelmarry (Need to click on Priest before type commands)
- After an successful wedding you and your husband/wife can use command /tracemarry to be always stick together.

Divorcing: If your wife/husband is online, use /divorce command, otherwise just use /forcedivorce.

You can only marry once you see in-game the notice message: [Marry] MU Priest has arrived in Devias Church


100,000,000 Zeny
5 x Jewel of Creation 

Marry Info:

* /tracemarry CharName - works from Level 1 and delay for using this command is 15 seconds
* PK chars cannot use /trace
* Same Sex Marry is not allowed in our Church
* Cannot PVP Your Partner

Marriage Duration is 60 minutes. Then the Priest will left the Church.

Priest will appear in the Devias church at 0:30 (gmt+2) and 18:00 (gmt+2).

Have fun!

Posted 23 / 04 / 2017

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