Raklion Hatchery Event - Info


     Raklion Hatchery Event  takes place every 24 hours in the Muonline global server whereas on the private servers, it can be active for every 4 hours. The passageway of this Event is called  the Hatchery Gate Portal , which is located in a map called Raklion coordinates: (147, 28).


Special Rewards:

20 PcPoints for X Shop who kills Selupan


Regular Rewards:

Random Reward
Sword Breaker
Rune Bastard Sword
Frost Mace
Absolute Scepter
Dark Stinger
Eternal Wing Stick
Imperial Staff
Salamander Shield
Frost Barrier
Guardian Shield
Cross Shield
Lazy Wind Shield
Light Lord Shield
Dark Devil Shield
Magic Knight Shield
Ambition Shield
Eternal Wing Set Parts
Titan Set Parts
Brave Set Parts
Phantom Set Parts
Destroy Set Parts
Seraphim Set Parts
Divine Set Parts
Royal Set Parts
Hades Set Parts
Succubus Set parts
Valhalla Set Parts
Dark Devil Set Parts
Sticky Set Parts
Hell Night Set Parts
Ambition Set Parts

     As rewards you can get 4 of the items above : Socket Item with random empty socket slots (from 1 to 3) with Luck and Additional Option.



In Event PK is allowed, you can enter in Raklion Hatchery event at any time (also after die) untill event end.




Posted 02 / 04 / 2017

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