[Guide] Wings 2.5LVL Creation

Wings LVL "2.5" Creation on INSANIA MU Online:

* Receipt:
- Wings Level 2
- Jewel of Creation
- Jewel of Chaos
- Monster Receipt ( This is the item you get from Monster Bosses in LT4 (Balrog), Tarkan (Death Beam Knight), Icarus (Dark Phoenix) and Aida 2 (Hell Maine), SS with description below)

*Go to Chaos Machine and put the 4 items (Like this SS)


Death King Bone creates Cloak Death [You can find this item by killing Balrogs at the end of Lost Tower 7]
Hell Maine Leather creates Wings of Chaos [You can find this item by killing Hell Maine or Witch Queen in Aida 2.]
Phoenix of Flame creates Wings of Magic. [You can find this item by killing Great Drakan or Phoenix of Darkness in Icarus.]
Death Beam Knight Soul creates Wings of Life [You can find this item by killing Death Beam Knights and Beam Knights in Tarkan 2.]

- If the Wings have Luck option then the Combining Success Rate Increases!
- You can use any wing lvl 2, the Monster/Quest items determines which Wing will appear.

*Wings Per Class:

Cloak of Death: Can be used by Rage Fighter and Dark Lord.
Wings of Chaos: Can be used by Blade Knight and Magic Gladiator.
Wings of Magic: Can be used by Soul Master, Bloody Summoner, Magic Gladiator.
Wings of Life: Can be used by Muse Elf.

 ScreensShots of the Level 2.5 Wings:

Posted 28 / 03 / 2017

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